Marc Plante

Marc Plante


Marc Plante is part of the trifecta that is Stray Dog Brewing Company, Orléans’ first and only microbrewery.  His foray into the beer business started innocently enough – as a home brewer, five short years ago, around the same time he decided to let his face grow. The passion for craft beer has always been present, but the hunger to turn a hobby into a business escalated quickly when he and his partners decided to get real. Marc’s previous experience in the hospitality industry, and more notably as a communications specialist, keeps him focussed on the end-user perspective. That is to say, the customer may not always be right, but they sure are thirsty.

The Stray Dog Brewing Company is more than just craft beer; it represents the spirit of adventure and the courage to pursue the passions that enrich our lives. Our passion is beer, and making it the best damn way we can.

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Session 2 – Building an Effective Sales Organization

10:30am - 11:30am
Upstairs Theatre 201/202