2018 Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference
Day 1
24 May 2018
Day 2
25 May 2018

Session 1 – Contract Brewing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There are many positions on, and versions of, contract brewing. Some contract brewers are on a path to bricks and mortar, while others are essentially marketing companies with no plans...
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Joe van Heerden

Session 2 – Sensory 101: Building Your Flavour Vocabulary

Advanced Cicerone™ Crystal Luxmore leads you through a series of sensory exercises, and shares insights to teach you how to build your palate, deepen your sensory perception of beer, and describe flavour in a meaningful way. You’ll...
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Crystal Luxmore



Session 3 – Bottle and Can Conditioning

Our panel of professional brewers share their expertise and experience to describe effective tips and techniques for successful bottle and can conditioning.Nick (Indie Alehouse), Sam (Sawdust City) and Kevin (Block...
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Nick Bobas
Kevin Freer
Sam Corbeil

Session 4 – Secondary Markets and Retail

Jason Fisher and Cass Enright follow up their successful 2017 CBA session with a deeper dive into successful strategies for branding, marketing and distribution for growth. They will cover topics...
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Cass Enright
Jason Fisher

Seaport Bash

Garrison Brewing Company is opening their Brewery’s taproom and patio to welcome CBAC 2018 attendees. They’ll also be setting up a stage in their brewhouse for “Petty Larceny”, Atlantic Canada’s finest...
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Day 3
26 May 2018

Session 5 – Hop Rub

Hops processing.  You probably haven’t thought about this much.  But you should, as it can make a big difference in the quality of your hops.   BSG invites you to stop by our session to learn about advances in hop pelletizing. Modern equipment design augmentsquality through controlling for processing temperature, pellet density, and oxygen exposure.  These practices aim to preserve hop aroma and create the ideal hop pellets for your brewhouse.     Afterward, stick around to...
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Session 6 – Cannabis meets Craft Beer: Preparing for the Upcoming Storm

Cannabis meets Craft Beer: Preparing for the Upcoming Storm The Canadian cannabis industry is projected to grow tenfold or more by the end of the year, creating a new multi-billion...
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Dooma Wendschuh



Keynote Speaker

Emily Tipton is co-founder and beer engineer at Boxing Rock Brewing Company. Since Boxing Rock opened in 2013, her job has involved everything it takes to brew craft beer and run...
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