Announcing the 2016 CBAC Keynote Speaker

Paul Hadfield

Paul Hadfield: 2016 CBAC Keynote Speaker

unnamed-3We’re excited to announce Paul Hadfield will be our 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards and Conference keynote speaker.

In 1982, Paul became a directing partner in the venture to establish Spinnakers Brewpub, the first Canadian in-house brewpub of the modern era. An unknown entity at the time, the development process for Spinnakers made necessary the revising of neighbourhood and community plans in Victoria, the drafting of guidelines for licensing brewpubs in British Columbia and changes to the Federal Excise Act which ultimately cleared the way for brewpubs in Canada. 

Over the past 30 years as Spinnakers’ publican, Paul has overseen its remarkable evolution. Spinnakers has grown from a 65-seat brewpub into a bustling restaurant, taproom, bakery and deli, with three onsite guesthouses, and two private liquor stores specializing in artisan and craft wines, beers and spirits. There is even a satellite operation (Spinnakers On The Fly) in the post-security lounge at Victoria International Airport. 

Shifting the focus from in-house sales to packaging and off-premises distribution coupled with the addition of a winery license acquired in the spring of 2015, has set the stage for an expansion of brewing activities into other product categories such as wines, ciders and hybrid blends.

An ardent supporter of artisan foods and beverages, with a passion for his home turf of Vancouver Island, Paul has been involved with many industry and community organizations working to further the cause of eating and drinking “local”. He believes that we are what we consume, and that we are privileged to live in such a bountiful environment where producers and consumers are able to interact through the passions of a creative, vibrant hospitality industry.