The Canadian Brewing Awards is proud to present the 2017 educational session topics.


More breweries are incorporating barrel-aging into their repertoire with some great results, but getting those results is not a simple task. Our panel will discuss their successes, struggles and what they have learned, through trial and error, on how to launch a successful barrel-aging program. The panel will share samples of brews and blends that have worked, as well as anecdotes about what happens when things do not go as planned. Complete Session Info

Building an Effective Sales Organization

Consumers have shown a willingness to buy craft beer through many channels … bars, restaurants, LCBO, TBS, grocery stores, brewery stores, beer clubs, even online. How does a brewery develop a sales strategy to cover all these opportunities? Panelists from different-sized breweries will share their lessons learned after years of trying different approaches. Attendees will hear practical advice on hiring, compensation, territory planning, channel support, sales tools, and other important topics related to driving top-line revenue. Complete Session Info

Reactive Quality Control vs Proactive Quality Control

A look at how quality control procedures can be implemented to avoid poor quality products from entering the marketplace, how to handle the inferior product once identified and most importantly, how to prevent production errors that can result in a lesser quality product, avoiding a costly lost batch or recall. Complete Session Info

The Marketing Balancing Act

In today’s competitive brewing industry it is imperative to recognize how a creative marketing strategy can differentiate your product from the competition. This session will provide you with a practical understanding of how marketing can amplify and accelerate your brands growth. Experienced panelists will share their winning strategies, not so winning strategies, and their insight on where best to creatively spend your marketing dollars. Complete Session Info

Fresh Water, Clean Waste & Legislation

Responsible management of wastewater has become a top priority and somewhat overwhelming challenge to breweries countrywide. As environmental stewardship becomes legislation, there is increasing pressure for breweries to have a successful yet efficient wastewater management plan. Two breweries have recently implemented wastewater plans share their experiences and answer your questions, while The Bloom Centre will provide information, scalable options and considerations for increasing environmental preservation. Complete Session Info