2016 Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference
Day 1
26 May 2016

Opening Reception

Shuttle bus to the Boat House leave at 6:45pm.
Day 2
27 May 2016

SESSION 3 – Yeast Management

Yeast is a precious brewery asset and its most important chemical operator.  What propagation conditions and methods should be deployed to ensure optimal fermentation performance?  What new strains are being...
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SESSION 4 – Planning For Growth

So you’ve been successful and now you’re busting at the seams.  Now what?  This panel will be made up of brewers who have been through the process of expanding their...
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Boat Cruise

Sponsored by: The Beer Store

SESSION 1 – Sustainability Best Practices

What is a “sustainable brewery”?  How do you achieve the triple bottom line goals of social, environmental and financial responsibility?  The panel will discuss how breweries are attempting to find...
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SESSION 2 – Sales & Marketing Planning and Execution

The panel of craft beer sales and marketing veterans will share their opinions and experiences in the following areas:  how to best deploy your limited marketing budget, how to hire,...
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Sponsored by: B R B Brewery & Eatery
Day 3
28 May 2016

Keynote Presentation

In 1982, Paul became a directing partner in the venture to establish Spinnakers Brewpub, the first Canadian in-house brewpub of the modern era. An unknown entity at the time, the...
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Paul Hadfield

SESSION 5 – Do You Really Need A Lab?

Have you ever heard a brewer say, “we don’t need a lab because we are really clean and have never had an infection”, or “lab equipment is expensive, and we...
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SESSION 6 – Is it Time for a National Craft Brewers’ Association?

The panel will discuss the merits of establishing the equivalent of the Brewers Association in the U.S.  Discussions will include inter-provincial relations and national standards.  The panel will include representatives...
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Sponsored by: B R B Brewery & Eatery